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Student Changemakers

student entrepreneur

What we offer

Students who are demonstrably motivated to commit themselves to achieve the SDGs, and who subscribe to the 'share it forward' principle of We Share Forward Foundation, can receive a scholarship. The 'share it forward' principle means that the student funded by We Share Forward Foundation promises that in the future, they will annually donate a small percentage of their income to We Share Forward Foundation. These donations will be used for new scholarships for the next generations of students. 

Our focus

  • You are willing to make a concrete contribution to realizing one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals after finalizing your studies.

  • You are a student, or doing a training, focused on social or environmental impact, which is directly contributing to the realization of, or offers an innovative solution to, the SDGs

  • You have relevant previous experience and a plan on how to impact the future

  • You are able to prove that you are unable to finance your studies yourself

  • The student endorses the 'share it forward' principle and is willing to join our vibrant Changemaker community

student scholarship grant

Draft contract

Every impact student that wants to raise funding via We Share Forward Foundation signs a draft contract. This is a basic agreement highlighting the terms of collaboration and what is expected from all parties. It is a lean, moral agreement wherein you agree to 'share it forward' in the future, financially and/or non-financially, to support the next generation of Student Changemakers. 

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