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With your donation, support promising Social Entrepreneurs and Student Changemakers who are creating global impact. You are able to fund specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and changemaker projects through our unique philanthropic revolving funding model. Alongside donating revolving funding, you can support changemakers with your knowledge and network. We Share Forward Foundation gives you the opportunity to use your donation to co-create solutions for Sustainable Development Goals in a self-sustaining social entrepreneurial environment.

Wealth Owners & Philanthropists

For Wealth Owners & Philanthropists

We offer a diverse portfolio of Social Entrepreneurs and Student Changemakers solving global and local challenges. You decide which specific SDGs you wish to support by donating revolving funding to changemakers leading impact. Next to this, you may support these students and social entrepreneurs with your knowledge and network. You decide how much you wish to donate. You can do a one-off donation but preferably a revolving donation – thus supporting the continuity of our revolving funding mechanism.


For Foundations

Fund and support Social Entrepreneurs and Student Changemakers by donating to We Share Forward Foundation. Explore an innovative method of 'share-it-forward' grants through our revolving funding model, without changing your articles and internal funding decision processes. You are able to revolve a grant multiple times, helping to further contributions to SDGs. Additionally, choose to become one of our trusted partners allowing you to join a co-funding alliance with like-minded funders and help lead impactful programs. 

Corporate Funders CSR

For Corporate Funders

Strengthen your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by providing revolving grants and in-kind support to Social Entrepreneurs and Student Changemakers. Fund and support promising impact innovations that combat global challenges. Team up with top talents with impact potential – the Changemakers of the future. Engage employees through corporate volunteering to mentor Changemakers and create CSR awareness within your internal organization and external stakeholders: We Share our future by paying forward!

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