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Success Stories

Within the Community of Practice in Health, We Share Forward Foundation provided a revolving grant to two impact driven enterprises, Elucid Social and Access Afya, to support their projects.

  • Elucid Social provides affordable quality access to healthcare for small-holder farmers.

  • Access Afya delivers healthcare to serve the needs of low-income markets using patient data to facilitate efficient diagnostic, operational and follow-up care pathways.

Impact is created, Elucid Social and Access Afya support the next social entrepreneur by sharing it forward.

access to healthcare for small-holder farmers

Elucid Social was supported in collaboration with Bayer Foundation and Anesvad Foundation.

Bayer Foundation
Anesvad foundation
Access Afya

Access Afya was supported in collaboration with Bayer Foundation 

Bayer Foundation
access afya healthcare for low-income markets

Past Portfolio Companies

Through our revolving funding model, We Share Forward Foundation co-funded Olgram and Betathera, two companies incubated by Medicines Discovery Catapult. This kick-started the discovery of new drug treatments focused on antimicrobial resistance for cystic fibrosis patients whose clinical needs were not being met.

catapult medicines discovery
de krekerij

De Krekerij

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