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Sustainable Food Systems and Regenerative Agriculture - Programs in Development

Food Entrepreneurship

JA Europe, EIT Food, We Share Forward Foundation are collaborating with the goal to introduce and spark the interest of young talents in food entrepreneurship, encourage and prepare students to create businesses and develop innovative agri-food prototypes, and produce game-changing European agri-food products or services with the main goal of building a pipeline of innovation to transform the agri-food system with the help of Gen-Z student innovators.

Bioregional Weaving Labs

A growing assembly of over 25 international system-changing organisations, grounded in a community of practice focused on regenerative agriculture and landscape restoration. We work directly with farmers, nature conservationists, communities, and stakeholders. The assembly takes collective action to ensure that high level climate and biodiversity plans become more actionable. We Share Forward Foundation's aim is to build an innovative financing ecosystem and develop an impact measurement framework to support the systemic transformation of bioregional landscapes. 

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Regenerative Agrifood Alliance

More details coming soon

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