At We Share we don’t want a lack of funding to hold back social entrepreneurs from attaining the SDGs. Through us, eligible social entrepreneurs can apply for philantropic impact funding. Social entrepreneurs are eligible for donations or other forms of funding up to a maximum of € 250,000.  Alongside this, we provide tailored support to help our start-ups make the most of their potential.









The life cycle of any company starts with an idea. If that idea concerns a real innovation, there will initially be few parties who are prepared to provide the entrepreneur with the means to develop his idea, build a prototype and test it in the market. However, for social entrepreneurship projects that put impact first and profit second, it is almost impossible to attain this kind of funding. We Share aims to level this playing field. 









After the initial enthusiasm of family, friends and subsidy providers, social entrepreneurs enter a phase where (much) more money is needed to take their innovation a step further. Many young innovators fail to bridge this period – referred to as ‘Valley of Death’. As a result, a lot of good ideas that could bring the SDGs closer to the ground will die prematurely. 








Various studies have shown that as many as 60 to 80% of startups fail in their first 5 years. This number is even higher for social startups. We want to change that with our 100+ years of entrepreneurship experience, having navigated the choppy waters of entrepreneurship many times over. We are uniquely positioned to support and mentor.


  • PURPOSE-DRIVEN: Your initiative has an innovative solution to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, by which it contributes to improving the living conditions of marginalised groups in society, in the Netherlands, Europe or elsewhere in the world – making a profit is not an end in itself 
  • AGE: Your company is less than three years old
  • STAGE: There is a proof of concept and a concrete view of turnover, even if it is still uncertain whether the project will become profitable, and thus, it cannot be financed in a normal way on the capital market
  • MOTIVATION: You have a plan which shows what the product or service is, which target group(s) you want to serve, how to reach those target groups, the structure of the organization, a cost-benefit analysis and a cash flow forecast
  • TEAM: Your founding team consists of passionate, creative entrepreneurs
  • SHARING FORWARD: The social entrepreneur and each of the founders endorse the We Share’s Sharing Forward principle and are willing to join the Community 


Every social entrepreneur that wants to raise funding via We Share signs a draft contract. This is a basic agreement highlighting the terms of collaboration and what is expected from all parties. Upon both sides signing on the dotted line, you will be given access to our platform wherein you will make a ‘project-page’, which will be shared with donors in our community.


De Krekerij

Delicious, nutritious and impact-conscious burgers made from insects, helping reduce meat dependency and putting focus on the global food crisis.

Amount Raised:

€ 95,000


Refining raw data and satellite imagery to empower sustainability consultants to achieve the UN SDG’s and aid the climate crisis.

Amount Raised:

€ 15,000

Your social
impact startup?

We’re committed to helping impact entrepreneurs attain the Sustainable Development Goals. If you are eligible and feel like you could benefit from our expertise, network and funding, apply to be part of the We Share Community!


I am a social entrepreneur. How can I apply to be placed on We Share platform?

Please have a look at our selection criteria. If your entity checks all the required boxes, fill in the application form below or write to us at and we will get back to you shortly.

What do you mean by ‘social entrepreneurs’?

Social entrepreneurs enterprises committed to making a positive social and environmental impact, with the secondary objective of making financial returns. They play an important role in driving change and, under our definition, contribute towards at least one of the SDGs. It is vital to have impact as their primary focus.

What is the maximum amount of money We Share can raise for a social entrepreneur?

The maximum amount which can be raised for a social entrepreneur is € 250,000.

What do you do for the social entrepreneurs apart from providing a grant?

The We Share Community comprises seasoned entrepreneurs who have built successful companies from the ground up. We Share Community members are encouraged to share their field-specific experience and knowledge and additionally provide social entrepreneurs with access to their networks.