Master students who are demonstrably motivated to commit themselves to achieve the SDGs, and who subscribe to the Sharing Forward principle of We Share, can apply for a We Share Scholarship. The Sharing Forward principle means that the student funded by We Share promises that in the future, after graduation, they will annually donate a small percentage of his net income to We Share. These donations will be used for new We Share Scholarships to the next generations of students. 









We believe in the power and inventiveness of the youth to solve global challenges. For this reason, we strive to empower students to become changemakers, by supporting those willing to do Master studies in the fields that are directly linked to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. 








We come with a unique offer for students – an Income Sharing Agreement. We Share enables donors to co-invest in the human capital of any impact student and in the case of a Corporate Supporter, the student may be a possible future or an existing employee. Once the loan has been repaid, the student transitions into a Supporter, thus sharing forward their success.








The Income Sharing Agreement is similar to an equity investment into human talent and is not a loan or scholarship. The investment is paid back by the student by donating 1-2% of their net future income (post tax) when they are employed. This frees students from the bondage of loan contracts, thus, enabling them to pursue the career path of their liking.


  • PURPOSE-DRIVEN: You are a Changemaker, who is willing to make a concrete contribution to realizing one or more of the human-centered UN Sustainable Development Goals after finalizing your studies
  • TYPE OF STUDY: You are looking to do a Master’s, Doctoral or equivalent degree in the field of sustainability or on a social / societal level, which is directly contributing to the realization of, or offers an innovative solution to, the SDGs
  • HIGHLY MOTIVATED AND QUALIFIED: You have relevant previous experience and a plan on how to impact the future
  • ESTABLISHED NEED: You are able to prove that you are unable to finance your studies yourself
  • SHARING FORWARD: The student endorses the We Share’s Sharing Forward principle and is willing to join the Community


Every impact student that wants to raise funding via We Share signs a draft contract. This is a basic agreement highlighting the terms of collaboration and what is expected from all parties. Upon both sides signing on the dotted line, you will be given access to our platform wherein you will make a ‘project-page’, which will be shared with donors in our community.


I am a student. How can I apply to be placed on We Share platform?

Please have a look at our impact student selection criteria. If you check all the required boxes, fill in the application form at the bottom of this page or write to us at and we will get back to you shortly.

What do you mean by ‘impact students’?

Impact students are committed to making a positive social and environmental impact. They play an important role in driving change and contribute towards at least one of the SDGs, having impact as their primary focus, and as far as possible, as their area of study.

What is the maximum amount of money We Share can raise for a student?

The maximum amount which can be raised for a student is 20,000. 

What is the money raised for?

We Share funding is to be used solely for college tuition. Additional costs related to the students’ education (accommodation, transport, books and others) are not included and must be covered by the students themselves.

How do I Share Forward with the We Share Community?

The amounts made available to impact students are donations: there is no repayment obligation. However, We Share counts on the students who receive a scholarship to share forward with the next Changemakers by contributing for example 1-2% of their net income. The students can also contribute through mentoring, network and knowledge sharing.