We Share at EVPA and ImpactFest


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Last couple of weeks have been extremely fruitful for us and we can not wait to share it with you!

Together with Dr. Ilka Wicke (Head of Making More Health, Boehringer Ingelheim), Jessica Lee (Head of Patient-Focused Partnerships, Medicines Discovery Catapult) and Dr. Deborah O’Neil (CEO, NovaBiotics), we were delighted to host the “Funding a cure” Session at the EVPA Annual Conference.

We hope that our session was interesting, productive and thought-provoking. Furthermore, you can already watch our session back! To recap, we focused on answering the following: What is the role of philanthropists and social investors in health, and why is it so important to support social entrepreneurship? How can we bring together communities to identify and direct efforts in areas of high unmet need, from medicines discovery to improved health in underserved regions? Experienced investors shared their models and invited investors for impact to take action for making more health.

To learn more about our partnership with Medicines Discovery Catapult, emphasised during the session, and how we will fund early-stage medicines discovery through our innovative revolving funding model, read the press release and our recently published interview with EVPA. For more details on the programme and on how to become a funder check out our newly launched webpage.

Secondly, in collaboration with Sander Peltenburg (Co-founder De Krekerij) and Coenraad de Vries (Co-founder OnePlanetCrowd), we took part in the “The gap in the early-stage financing landscape. Funding for early-stage social entrepreneurship. From venture philanthropy to impact investing.” session at ImpactFest organised by ImpactCity in the Hague on the 4th of November 2021.

During the packed session we focused on discussing: the disparity within the funding landscape, the financing of social entrepreneurship in the beginning stages, the path that should be taken from venture philanthropy to impact investing and how to support social entrepreneurs when they need it the most to focus on generating impact.

Here is the link to the album with some photos from ImpactFest taken by the ImpactCity team during the day. Feel free to share your pictures from the event with us through your LinkedIn page!

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