The First We Share Startup: Burgs Foods (De Krekerij)


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We are so happy to announce the collaboration with our first startup in our Community — Burgs Foods (De Krekerij). Learn more about who they are, what they do and why they joined We Share.


Burgs Foods (De Krekerij) is a Rotterdam-based startup seeking to substitute the customary source of protein with crickets and grasshoppers’ meat. George Brandenburg and Sander Peltenburg, the co-founders of the startup, believe that crickets and grasshoppers are more sustainable, healthier and efficient in providing a growing population with protein with minimal damage to the environment.

Burgs Foods (De Krekerij) realize that Dutch customers are not used to eating whole insects (like in Vietnam or Thailand). That is why the team focuses on processing crickets into tasty food products that can be used for lunch or dinner adjusted to the western diets — like burgers!

The principal goal of the company is to offer a healthy, cheaper and more sustainable alternative to mainstream protein in the world where the global demand for meat has been increasing and will continue to grow in the future.


We Share completely aligns with this kind of mindset: we need to create a better and more impactful future and we must do it together! We decided to support the startup in their ambitions and provided them with the 95,000 euro loan. Burgs Foods (De Krekerij) has officially become our Community member which means that they receive access to our network and expertise from experts and other startups. Joining We Share, they also expressed their willingness to join the movement of sparkers and to share their knowledge and expertise with other startups in the Community.

“We are glad to be a part of the new We Share ecosystem to increase our own impact, and in time, help other start-ups so we can accelerate promising start-ups together!”
– Burgs Foods (De Krekerij)
We Share is very excited to support such a promising innovative startup with such a highly motivated and knowledgeable team! If you would like to support the guys too, contact us and we will take care of it!

Learn more about the startup on their website.

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