How We Share Supports Impact Students | Conversation With: Sebastian Fernandez & Edward De Jager


11 min 🕐

Education is one of the three We Share pillars. We aim to support Master students who are demonstrably motivated to commit themselves to achieve the SDGs, and who subscribe to the Sharing Forward principle. This is done by providing them with a scholarship. The Sharing Forward principle means that the recipient commits themselves to, after graduation, annually donate 1-2% of their net future income (post tax) when they are employed. This frees students from the bondage of loan contracts, thus, enabling them to pursue the career path of their liking. These donations will be used for new scholarships to the next generations of students. 

Sebastian was a Business Master’s student who relocated for his studies to the Netherlands from Argentina. He now has a successful career in the banking industry in Switzerland and to this day lends his support to us on various occasions and is our country representative. In the video below you can find out first hand what that looked like in practice and the many advantages this aid brings. 

Are you also a student looking for a scholarship and are you willing to commit to the Share-it-Forward principle? Take a look at the selection criteria below:
  • PURPOSE-DRIVEN: You are a Changemaker, who is willing to make a concrete contribution to realizing one or more of the human-centered UN Sustainable Development Goals after finalizing your studies
  • TYPE OF STUDY: You are looking to do a Master’s, Doctoral or equivalent degree in the field of sustainability or on a social / societal level, which is directly contributing to the realization of, or offers an innovative solution to, the SDGs
  • HIGHLY MOTIVATED AND QUALIFIED: You have relevant previous experience and a plan on how to impact the future
  • ESTABLISHED NEED: You are able to prove that you are unable to finance your studies yourself
  • SHARING FORWARD: The student endorses the We Share’s Sharing Forward principle and is willing to join the Community

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